2019 – Album 02M


Backstage movie with some funny scenes!


Maya is a highly trained spy that’s hired to steal valuable data and information from “The Agency”.
She managed to do that, but the data is protected by a password, so she kidnapped a member of “The Agency” and she will do anything to get that password…

Movie elements: POV views, male torture with punches and gun hits, male death with silenced pistol, female death by assault rifle shooting, overkill when she’s down, blood on shirt and body, shirt ripping, soft body searching, boots removal, feet searching.

Female clothing description: leather coat, leather gloves, white shirt, short black skirt, fishnet stockings, black short boots.

Starring: MAYA and TLOT
Running time: 8.15 minutes
Release date: November 2018

Click -HERE- to download the backstage movie!