2019 – Album 04M


Backstage movie with some funny scenes, but also some scenes taken from the final movie!


CUSTOM MOVIE! This means that a customer asked us to do this movie, following his requests!

Do you remember the movie “Home alone“, where the little Kevin was watching the gangster movie “Angels with filthy souls”? I bet you do!
If you don’t know that movie, here’s a brief description: a girl enters the office of a criminal and she asks for her part of the money, but instead of that the man pays her with a bullet shower!

Movie elements: dressing up, smoking, short dialogue, machinegunning, overkill when on the ground, body rolling with foot.

Clothing description: Leather jacket, white top, jeans, boots

Starring: MAYA and TLOT
Running time: 9.01 minutes
Release date: January 2019

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