2019 – Album 05M


Backstage movie with some funny scenes, but also some scenes taken from the final movie!


When you need a lot of money, it’s not a good a idea to borrow them from a criminal organization… because if you don’t manage to give them back, something really bad might happen to you…
The debt collector comes for the money, and the unlucky girl gets a painful reward, by getting shot in her shoulder, then tortured and beaten, then she gets shot three times in the torso area.
But she’s still alive, and the debt collector decide to be sure about her death by shooting her in the mouth! But the cops are coming, and the debt collector won’t surrender to them, getting killed as well!

Movie elements: shooting in the shoulder, beating, screams of pain, shooting in the chest and belly, shooting in the mouth, digital blood effects, blood makeup on bodies, death stares

Clothing description:
ASIA: grey sweater, skirt, brown boots
CAROLINE: leather jacket, corset, leggings, boots

Running time: 10.48 minutes
Release date: February 2019

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