2019 – Album 07M


Backstage movie with some funny scenes, but also some scenes taken from the final movie!


CUSTOM MOVIE! This means that a customer asked us to do this movie, following his requests!

The TLOT corporation is doing more tests with their clones, that failed… since now!

This time they have hired a contract killer, diagnosed as clinically insane, who has a reputation for sadistically strangling her victims and feeling sexual arousal while killing them… but in the end she will get strangled as well!

Movie elements: 5 strangling scenes, 3 garroting and 2 with bare hands. Many body views and death stares after every kill.

Clothing description:
The mad killer is wearing a leather jacket, grey tshirt, jeans and boots.
The clones got different outfits, tops, jeans, skirts, knee boots and heeled shoes.

Starring: ASIA and SARA
Running time: 23.54 minutes
Release date: March 2019

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