2019 – Album 08M


Backstage movie with some funny scenes, but also some scenes taken from the final movie!


CUSTOM MOVIE! This means that a customer asked us to do this movie, following his requests!

A young cop found out that part of the agency is corrupted, so she talks about it to who she really trust, but he’s corrupted as well! So he’ll have to kill her and later her friend as well, who was looking for her…

Movie elements: dialogues, multiple shots in the chest, shooting in the head, exposed belly, body searching, many body views

Clothing description:
ASIA: leather jacket, white shirt tucked to the chest, jeans, boots
SARA: grey jacket, black top, black trousers, boots

Starring: ASIA, SARA and TLOT
Running time: 14.12 minutes
Release date: April 2019

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