2019 – Album 09M


CUSTOM MOVIE! This means that a customer asked us to do this movie, following his requests!
A cop is sent to a villa to intercept a burglar, she finds him but he doesn’t surrender, so they start shooting each other. After a while the cop is hit one time in her belly and collapses on the floor.
The burglar come closer and torture her by sticking his finger in her belly wound, making her scream.
After that he search her for some valuable stuff, like her wallet and phone, then he leaves.
The cop tries to stand up to walk away and look for help, but she manages only to make few steps and fall again on the floor, dying after other minutes of agony.

Movie elements: single shot to the belly, belly torture, body search, long agony scene, death stare

Clothing description: Dark blue jacket, white shirt, black trousers, brown short boots

Starring: MAYA and TLOT
Running time: 15.00 minutes
Release date: April 2019