2019 – Album 10M


Backstage movie with some funny scenes, but also some scenes taken from the final movie!


CUSTOM MOVIE! This means that a customer asked us to do this movie, following his requests!
Here’s his words:
“I watched the video and I can honestly say, there aren’t many shooting videos with overkill quite like this. Trust me. I’ve looked 😛
All your hard work definitely paid off. This was well worth the wait.”

This time the research team of the TLOT Corporation focused their efforts on a single clone, instead of making many of them, but they managed to make it much stronger and with very high resistance… Will the hired killer have enough bullets to stop her?

This custom movie features very long shooting scenes: the first part will be a shootout with guns, where Maya will still wearing her black top, that will be destroyed during the shootout. When both will finish their bullets, Maya will advance ripping the top showing her breast!
She will grab the killer by the neck chocking him, but he will take a knife and stick it in her neck, making her leaving him.
He will run away and take an assault rifle and a gun, starting to shoot the Terminatrix with loads of bullets, but she will only fall on her knees.
When he will get closer, she will take away his rifle and try to chocke him again, and he will get free by shooting her in the pussy.
Then he will take back the rifle and shoot her until he run out of bullets, then he’ll switch to the pistol shooting her in the head many times, until she will fall down, dead.
He will get closer to check her, and that’s when she will get up again, walking like a zombie! He will notice that the stab wound on her neck bleed a bit, so he tries to shoot her in the neck, making her fall again.
He decide to making her stay on the floor, reloading the rifle and shooting her on all over her body, many many many times, then switching to the gun shooting her in the head and mouth, and then again with the rifle and then… well you understood that!
Finally she seems to be dead and he checks her body, rolling it on both sides and moving her arms.

Clothing description: Fur coat, black leather top, jeans shorts, high heel boots (most part of the movie she will be topless)

Movie elements: Shooting, shooting, shooting and shooting, and maybe some more shooting. With digital squibs and some little blood on the body. Body handling and moving, many body pans and death stares.

Starring: MAYA and TLOT
Running time: 20.50 minutes
Release date: May 2019

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