2019 – Album 18M



Two criminals just did a big robbery, and they decide to celebrate by having some fun together, kissing and touching on the bed. Suddenly a masked man rush in with an assault rifle and kill them both by shooting them many times. But one of the girls wake up during the shooting, meaning that it was just a dream, so she goes back to sleep.
Later they hear a siren sound, and they find out that the police found them, but they decide to fight instead of surrender. They walk out with raised hand, but suddenly they take out their guns and start shooting at the cops, that begin to shoot as well, filling the girls with a lot of bullets. They fall on their knees and then on the floor, but they are still alive and the cops shoot again to make sure that they are dead. One cop comes closer and roll them up, shoot them some more and leave the place.

Italian dialogues with english subtitles.

Movie elements:
lesbian scene with kissing and touching, bare breasts, shooting, blood on body, digital blood effects, overkill

Clothing description:
Leather jackets, tank tops, jeans and boots.

Starring: Caroline, Ziliam and TLOT
Running time: 14.08 minutes
Release date: december 2019