2020 – Album 24M


Another test with the combat clones… this time the killer needs to kill all the combat clones in a short amount of time, otherwise he won’t get paid!
Movie elements: 
12 death scenes, featuring shots in many different parts of the body, with two guns.
The shooting scenes will all have many overkill shots.
After the quick action scenes, there’s a long section of the movie dedicated to the dead bodies, from many different angles and details.
Clothing description:
1st floor
Clone1: White leather jacket, black corset, jeans, boots
Clone2: green jacket, black skirt, black boots
2nd floor:
Both clones with leather catsuit, one zipped up, one open to the chest.
3rd floor:
Clone1: business suit with jacket, skirt and short boots
Clone2: nazi officer outfit with white shirt, tie, nazi armband, leather skirt, stockings and heels.
Starring: Jeko, Ziliam and TLOT
Running time: 13.36 minutes

Release date: april 2020