2021 – Album 27M


After a long (and forced) pause, here’s a new custom movie!

Here’s the customer’s words:

It was great! Maya is really perfect in this role, I love her. 🙂
Vera is also great, I really like some scenes with her!
Anyway, the result is great. 🙂 Thanks !


The TLOT Corporation is still trying to produce good clones, and it seems that they will never manage to do it…

Movie elements:
The killer will take down two sexy clones, Maya and Vera, with neck breaks, sleeperholds and one hand strangling, for a total of TWELVE death scenes with a lot of body camera takes!

Clothing description:
Black bikini and heels for both girls.

Starring: Maya, Vera and TLOT
Running time: 19.01 minutes
Release date: august 2021